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What To Present


what to presentOn the “people-are-more-interested-in-their-kids-than-in-yours” theory, meaning that listeners do not want to hear everything you know about your offer, but only what is relevant to them, here is a quick method for figuring out what will have the greatest impact on them in your presentation.

Create 5 Written Lists

  1. What are all your firm’s assets?
  2. What are all the positive things that are currently happening for your prospect in their business?
  3. What is challenging or threatening their current business?
  4. What is trending in their industry?
  5. What are likely objections to your services, idea, or product?

Connect the Dots

Review the lists and ask yourself:

  1. Given the prospect’s situation and likely view of my company, why should they buy from us? Answer this question with a short, high level, repeatable message. You will use this to frame your presentation and again in the summary to conclude your presentation. Brevity and repetition ensure retention.
  1. Which of your assets will make the best fit for their needs? This will save you from straying into the world of data dumping.
  1. What information will you present to counter their likely objections? This will build confidence in your ability to handle the job successfully.

Present Your Compelling Argument

If done correctly, your prospect will feel you understood their situation, you are the right fit for them, you can do the job, and you will do it well.

Remember, it’s always about them; it's never about you.

Anne Miller is a demo and presentation pro who helps clients win business in high stakes situations. Author, speaker, coach, and seminar leader, Anne is passionate about helping people be their communication best to get the results they seek. For more information and free resources: Contact Anne at 212 876 1 875 or

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