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We Rise by Lifting Others

We Rise by Lifting Others

I never aspired to enter a career in sales, but I had a natural gift for connecting with people, which made sales a natural fit. My non-traditional path to sales started early in my professional career when I lost my first marketing job in NYC.  It was during this challenging time that I became fascinated with what motivates people, what keeps some moving forward in times of great stress and what makes others fold under pressure.  I decided to return to college and complete a master’s degree in organizational psychology where I spent the next two years studying and practicing the psychology of selling.  That decision, 16 years ago, ultimately changed the course of my life and career.

“It’s not the title we hold, the company we work for or the popularity we gain that defines us.  It’sour ethics and values that make us who we are. It’s the unforgettable moments we share with those around us, the lasting impression we make on the hearts and lives we touch. Our legacy is written by our ability to lift others and leave people a little better off than how we found them.”

For the past 16 years, I have been a top performing seller and sales leader at Gartner and Microsoft.  Having a career selling in tech and financial services, I have grown accustomed to being the only woman in the room. However, my goal is to encourage more women to consider a career in sales as I believe that women bring a unique personal approach that is deeply needed in today’s business world.  Balancing a professional life with one’s family/personal life is one of the most challenging obstacles women face in today’s corporate environment.   As a mother of two young children, I know from first-hand experience the struggles women face today, which is why I am so committed to coaching women to find this balance in their own lives.

In 2018, I resigned from my sales leadership role with Microsoft to pursue my passion of coaching and developing sales talent. Today I work with organizations that are committed to creating positive cultures of transparency& self-awareness in order to build strong, successful teams.

Below is my personal philosophy on leading in sales today:

Team – Be Unique

  • Seek out those who are unique and can bring something different to the table.  Individuality is imperfect, it’s natural and it’s authentic.
  • See differences as a strength and capitalize on it.   When you lead with people’s strengths, you build trust. When you see something amazing in someone – speak it.  We were all beginners at some point. Leadership is the ability to ignite the core of everyone on your team.
  • Impactful ideas can come from anyone.  Building highly effective teams begin with a commitment to meeting people where they are and believing in them. How you treat your team is a direct reflection of how you will take care of your customers.
  • Don't try to be the best on the team, try to be the best for the team.  Better Together.
  • Create a “family” environment in the workplace. People will always sacrifice for their family. Make your work family a place that people want to sacrifice for.

People – Inspire Others

  • Always leave people better than when you found them. A person who feels seen and heard will always do more than what is expected. Surround yourself with people who make you want to be the best version of yourself.
  • Success takes a village and any top team is cultivated from a commitment to building people first.  It takes a group of people who encourage us, challenge us and believe in the shared goal we are seeking. Success is a commitment to always doing the right thing for your customers, your colleagues and your community.
  • No matter how educated, talented, rich or successful you believe you are, what truly matters is how you treat others.  Integrity is everything and will follow you everywhere.

Connection – Engage

  • Be passionately curious. Don’t ever lose your sense of wonder. Talk to the person next to you on the plane or on the train. It will change your life.
  • Authentic curiosity is more powerful than anything else you own. It will open doors you didn’t know existed.  If you ask the right questions, you’ll discover how fascinating people are and you will sell.
  • Identify those who bring the best out in you. We need people in our lives who raise our standards and challenge us to become the best version of ourselves. Stay close to the people who feel like sunshine.
  • When you pay thoughtful attention to people’s needs, you empower them, and you make them better. Thrive on helping others see and reach their full potential.  Stay curious, engage and be a lifelong learner

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Jamie Crosbie started ProActivate 12 years ago after serving as VP of Sales at CareerBuilder for 5 years and prior to that serving in leadership positions within the traditional staffing industry for 10 years. In both of those models, she noticed a gap in the marketplace for sales leaders to proactively protect their revenue as it relates to sales talent. At ProActivate, she works with leaders of sales organizations in numerous ways such as to be prepared if a top performer were to leave or promote tomorrow, to replace C players with A players, to propel growth into new markets or launch new products, or for some it is to do more with less.[/author_info]

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